An ode to all those women

Women Empowerment

by Tirzah Shams

Behind every successful man
Is a woman, they say
But don’t forget this fact
A woman also carves her own way

She isn’t just someone else’s support
But the epitome of her own success
She is her own person
She isn’t just a pretty face and dress

Her destiny is more than motherhood
Don’t define her life with a single act
She will change the world herself
She will make her own impact

She grows in a society of hate
Where she is stripped of basic rights
But even then, she always flourishes
She is prepared to win her fights

The cruel world around her
Never stops criticizing every move
No matter what she ever does
They always disapprove

“Don’t speak too much
But have a voice,
Don’t live for yourself
Act like you have a choice

Don’t cover up to much,
You’re too boring
Wear more clothes,
No skin should be showing

Wear some makeup,
Look like it’s actual
Ew, your so fake
Look more natural

Your hair is curly?
Heat it straight
Don’t ruin your hair
Don’t make it fake”

And when she asks them
“So what can I do?”
They answer with fake love
“Just be you”

An ode to all those women
For whom, everyday is a battle
When it comes to strength and dignity
You are a prime example

Don’t let the words of these people
Tear your beautiful spirit apart
Keep fighting, my love, it will get better
Time will heal your bleeding heart

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