Ultimate love

Sun – Earth and Moon ~ metaphors the ultimate love

Poetry by Tirzah Shams

The whole system worshiped her beauty
She was the goddess of the sky
Her greens and blues entranced all
With chocolate eyes and smiles, sly

Those from far away and close
Referred to her as earth
And Mars and Venus by her side
Only just increased her worth

Earth had captured one in particular
Whom circled her day and night
Moon saw the beauty inside of her
And he was attracted to her light

For the universe was filled with millions of beauties
With some big and some small
With diamond rains on some of them
And some experiencing none at all

And some even tried to copy Earth
But they could never reach her level
For this young maiden was an epitome of life
She was truly something special

But even earth had her flaws
And one of them was falling for him
Sun, the player and the mischief
Who made her life so grim

She chased him around years on end
She loved only this lucky star
And before she knew, she was in a circle
She was gone too far

And one day the sun exploded
In a cloud of fiery dust
And took the lives of those near him
And thus repaid their trust

And two of the casualties were the beauty
And her young enthusiast
Earth and Moon could have lived
If they didn’t love, they would last

Picture taken from: https://www.comehometonature.com/body-rhythm-planetary-rhythm/

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