The Golden Grain

Boy carrying the yield

Helping hand in the family

Harvesting season of wheat comes with many challenges, specially in the regions where harvesting is done by hand. Wheat is most common food crop, harvested in the late spring. Golden fields, dust of threshing and the sound of air moving through the crops makes a majestic entourage. The cycle of seeding through harvesting is a six months duration requiring constant care and upkeep.

Soil is prepared by plowing, then trenched and then natural manure is thrown for fertilization. Seeds are thrown across the furrows using semi-circular movement of wrist. In hot weather watering is done quite frequently. Insecticides and pesticides are sprayed to protect the crop from insects. Once the kernels turn golden, scythes are used to cut them and threshed. The grain attained is later processed to make Wheat flour, White Flour, Semolina, Angoori انگوری (for sohan halwa) and other material. Interestingly the waste of the threshing is also useful for making Paper, Card Boards and Animal Feed.

We must appreciate the efforts of the farmers who put in their toil and sweat to produce the food for all of us.