COVID-19 Hopes

by Tirzah Shams

Empty streets with broken lives
Abandoned cars that no one drives
Hoping this never occurs again
That nothing will ever be the same

Solitude will be the norm
Far-fetched, but soon will all conform
Beaches a dream, no bathing in the rain
Nothing again will ever be the same

The world might stop but time ‘ll go on
It’ll all be the same, the dusk and the dawn
Happiness might seem to be in vain
So bad, is it for things to be the same?

Mother Earth will slowly heal herself
You’ll learn, you need none but yourself
The loss indeed is nothing against the gain
So yes, nothing again will ever be the same

In fleeting time, there’ll be massive change
And true right now, might seem so strange
But in the end fate will explain
Why it’s so important nothing stays the same

We were draining our planet just months ago
It wasn’t a hoax, as statistics will show
We’ll survive this pandemic if we just abstain
Though nothing will be the same again

The virus will pass, though some will be lost
But we have to pay this horrendous cost
So that our planet survives and be ours again
Then things will be better though never the same

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