Labor Day

Every year on 1st May, in Pakistan we celebrate Labor Day by enjoying a gazetted holiday, by doing nothing but relaxing in the comforts of our home. Whereas, the real labor, for whom this holiday was declared goes out in search of his “dihaari” wages, so that the families could be fed and the needs be met.

Internationally the date of Labor Day differs from Pakistan, here in our country we celebrate this day on 1st May since our labor policies were devised in 1972 and this date was selected for a national holiday. Right after independence in 1947 Pakistan also became a member of ILO (International Labor Organization) which promotes social justice and human / labor rights.

Unfortunately, along with all such organizations and realizations, the labor is still in poor condition. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We lack basic necessities, the rich can afford alternatives, but think of the poor labor lot, who work each day to win their bread and butter for that day alone, where would they find UPS and bottled water to fulfill the basic needs of their families.

Imagine, Labor Day was dedicated to labors, so that realizations could be generated among the worthy to be able to upgrade working conditions of laborers who are one important module of our society. Instead, we see people dying of drowning, getting electrocuted from open and multiple high-tension wires, falling off high rise buildings, getting burned alive, getting crushed under cranes and what not. Over and above they still work in the same conditions. No change occurs for the betterment.

Labor laws have been made but they are not being implemented. The rights of laborers are defined but they are not being given, the holiday is being celebrated but the labor himself is still out on roads seeking his bread and butter.